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50K for a Kure!
Dear Friends & Family,

Last year I embarked on a quest to ride a marathon on my stationary recumbent bike to raise money and awareness for A-T, because I COULD. My success in that ride touched me in many ways. I had a sense of accomplishment in what I was able to do for the A-T Children’s Project. I was also touched by the generous outpouring of donations which in the end exceeded $29,000.

In the spirit of never giving up, I am planning on my second annual Black Friday Ride. The theme this year will be “50K for a Kure.” I will ride a 50K (31 miles) to raise funds for research towards finding a cure for A-T. We need your dollars to help find a cure and treatments for this disease that has taken so much from me and other A-T kids. I would love to have my tremors stop so I would be able to feed myself, type an email to a friend, dial a phone and not struggle with PlayStation. Through your help, this may become a reality.

My goal this year is to raise $31,000, one thousand dollars for each mile I ride. Please help if you can. Every dollar helps and will go towards research. You can support my efforts by clicking on the big red donate button above or mail in your donation directly to Jeff/A-T Children’s Project
5300 W. Hillsboro Blvd. #105
Coconut Creek, FL 33073.

Maybe while you are shopping on Black Friday you will think of me and quietly cheer me on. Thank you in advance for your support.



Imagine a disease that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer. Children with A-T are usually confined to wheelchairs by age 10 and often do not survive their teens. Because A-T is a multi-system disease, scientists believe that A-T research will help more prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and cancer.

My Sponsors
David W. 11/27/2014
Daniel W. 11/27/2014
William P. 11/25/2014 Go Jeff Go. We will be cheering for you at this end.
Jo-Beth A. 11/25/2014 Best of luck to you Jeff!! You are such an inspiration!!
Douglas G. 11/24/2014
Get It Dun Foundation 11/24/2014
Lisa R. 11/24/2014 So proud of you Jeff!! I will be cheering you on & lifting you up as you ride to make a difference! Love you!!
Kevin M. 11/22/2014 Love you Jeff!! Have a wild ride! ; )
Gregg V. 11/22/2014 Good luck Jeff! Keep on riding!!
Carlynn N. 11/22/2014 Good Luck Jeff!
CarLynn Negele
TriVista 11/21/2014
David P. 11/21/2014
Alycia S. 11/21/2014 With love from California and the TriVista crew! Good luck Jeff! :-D
Susan S. 11/21/2014 "Go Jiggy Go!” from Sue Dan, Matt, Jake & Zach.
Quinn M. 11/21/2014
Lisa V. 11/21/2014
Marie G. 11/21/2014 Way to go, Jeff! Very impressive!
TranzAct Technologies, Inc. 11/19/2014
Don S. 11/18/2014 Good luck Jeff!
Kaci S. 11/18/2014
Kaci S. 11/18/2014 You got this!!!
Richard G. 11/18/2014
Sheila S. 11/18/2014 Hi Jeff! We will be rooting for you from California! We are so proud of you! The Shea Family
Steve B. 11/18/2014 Way to go, Jeff. Your determination is so inspirational.
Steven O. 11/17/2014
Douglas K. 11/17/2014
The Millard Group, Inc. 11/17/2014
Kim B. 11/15/2014
David V. 11/14/2014
Bank of America Charitable Foundation 11/14/2014
Irene P. 11/13/2014 Good luck, Jeff. We'll be cheering you on!
Rob L. 11/13/2014 Jeff, I love your spirit and that you are making a difference in this world! you are an inspiration!!! Charis
Daniel S. 11/11/2014 Go Jeff!
James S. 11/10/2014 Go Jeff!
Kimberly R. 11/10/2014 So proud of you, Jeff! Wish I could be there to cheer you on, but I know you'll have a fantastic ride! Love you!
Gary O. 11/10/2014
Floyd B. 11/10/2014
Peter C. 11/9/2014
Steve C. 11/8/2014
Brian P. 11/7/2014 You rock Jeff! Good luck and Go Pack Go!
Heidi A. 11/7/2014 Jeff, It's good to see SOMEONE will be doing something productive on Black Friday! :)
Michael F. 11/6/2014
Jack J. 11/5/2014 We will be thinking of you!
Jim B. 11/5/2014 So proud of you, Jeff! You are such a blessing and inspiration to many!
Ron B. 11/5/2014
Craig C. 11/4/2014 Jeff, you rock! We love you & know you are so strong.
The Chapellos
Christopher S. 11/4/2014 Boomshakalaka
Francis J. 11/3/2014
Paul N. 11/3/2014
Brad J. 11/3/2014
Andrew T. 11/3/2014 Love you, miss you, and am so proud of you Jiggy!! -Andrew Thornton
Robert B. 11/3/2014 Jeff-we miss you here in Paradise. Go for it Kiddo! Just stay out of the sand traps.
Bob & Althea
Christian K. 11/3/2014
Scott M. 11/2/2014 Good luck Jeff! Keep up the great work!
Charles V. 11/2/2014 Go Jeff, we're with you! The Vogl's
Michael V. 11/2/2014 AMAZING JEFF! GOOD LUCK!!!
Mark C. 11/1/2014 Great job Jeff. the Chudacoffs
Don J. 10/31/2014 Go for it Jeff. We along with you pray for a cure!
Witmer & Associates 10/31/2014
Norman R. 10/31/2014 The Rifkind Family sends their deepest love and support as you continue to ride for a cure, Jeff.
Advantage Partners, Inc. 10/31/2014
Elizabeth C. 10/31/2014 Good luck Jeff! Bob and I will be cheering you on in spirit!! xo
Douglas G. 10/31/2014 Good luck Jeff!!
Bee H. 10/31/2014
Dennis C. 10/31/2014 Good Luck!
Karen S. 10/31/2014 Way to go Jeff. You continue to be an inspiration to so many people.
Jason H. 10/30/2014 All the best with your ride - tremendous goal and soon to be accomplishment. Cheers to your continued success!
David S. 10/30/2014 Best Wishes, The Steinbergs
Craig M. 10/30/2014
Jeffrey S. 10/30/2014 You are amazing Jeff!! Best of luck...The Sharfstein Family.
Sher F. 10/30/2014
KeyBank National Association 10/20/2014
Kristina P. 10/13/2014 To sponsor Jeff Kummer's 2014 Black Friday ride. Way to go, Jeff! from Lori Hall and Kris & Tony Peters
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation 10/13/2014 To sponsor Jeff Kummer's 2014 Black Friday ride. Way to go, Jeff! from Lori Hall and Kris & Tony Peters
Comment Board
11/10/2014Keep up the great work. You are the man, Kummer!!O'B
10/31/2014Jeff, You are truly an inspiration for all of us. Ride with pride just like last year! From a pal of your Dad's. Nikki Nikki Bondi
10/31/2014You go Jeff!! We are so proud of you-- --with you all the way.Mike & Karen Fisher
10/31/2014God Bless you are an Inspiration to many !Brenda Holfert
10/31/2014Cheering you on, Jeff! May God bless you as you ride for the cure of A-T.Gary, Shouna and Preston
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