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In honor of our friend Joe
In celebrating Joe Kindregan's 25th birthday as well as our 15 years of friendship with Joe and his family, we will be matching donations made in honor of our friend, Joe, to the A-T Children's Project. We are happy to continue our support of A-T research, including the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins, which has made such a difference in the quality of Joe's life.

Please consider making a donation on this page and we will match your donation up to $25,000 until May 1, 2013!

The A-T Children's Project is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for biomedical research projects, scientific workshops, and a clinical center - all aimed at finding life-improving therapies and a cure for ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T). A-T causes progressive loss of muscle control, immune system problems, and a high rate of cancer, particularly leukemia and lymphoma.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner


Imagine a disease that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer. Children with A-T are usually confined to wheelchairs by age 10 and often do not survive their teens. Because A-T is a multi-system disease, scientists believe that A-T research will help more prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and cancer.

My Sponsors
Ben A. 6/3/2013
Rocco A. 5/23/2013
No Streaking Professional Window Washing 5/2/2013 This donation is from a raffle we held for concert tickets at a home show.
Brittany P. 5/1/2013 We are very grateful for your generosity, thank you! This tremendously helps the A-T community . Go Team Emmy, Josh, Brooke
Janelle F. 5/1/2013
Anonymous 4/30/2013 I hope this helps put us over the top! Thanks Ben and Jen for matching. With a rare disease like A-T, every dollar really counts!
Pamela S. 4/30/2013 Go team Joe! Love, Cousin Pam
Anonymous 4/30/2013
Bob and Betsy R. 4/29/2013
Quinn M. 4/29/2013
Kathleen C. 4/29/2013
Anonymous 4/29/2013
Michael O. 4/29/2013 You rock, Ben and Jennifer!
Virginia K. 4/28/2013
Amy A. 4/28/2013 We love you Matthew! Proud of Ben and Jen for standing up for those affected!!
Mary F. 4/28/2013
Carla V. 4/27/2013 This is in honor of my granddaughter Emersyn. Thank you Ben and Jen for all you do to support the AT Children's Project.
Marilyn B. 4/27/2013 Thank you Ben and Jennifer for your generosity!
Mary C. 4/27/2013
Linda H. 4/27/2013 Love you Joe, Suzi, Stacy, Tom, Lucy and now Mallory. Oh and of course we love you Ben and Jennifer, thank you for all you have done for AT!
David C. 4/27/2013 In memory of Michele Cramer
Jarrett M. 4/26/2013
Krystal M. 4/26/2013 For Cathryn and the Achilles family. You are always in my prayers. Thank you Ben & Jennifer for matching this donation.
John S. 4/26/2013 For Joseph and Gabriella in Texas.
Anonymous 4/26/2013 Way to go Joe! Thanks for making this happen!
Anonymous 4/26/2013 Thank you Ben and Jennifer for helping to find a cure!
Amy H. 4/24/2013 In honor of Douglas Fickel, 2013 CV Graduate!!!! Way to go Buddy!!!!! You continue to amaze us each day! Love, Amy, Andy, Ryan and Jason xoxo
David L. 4/24/2013 Tom, Suzi and Joe, Congrats on your new family member. She is beautiful. Good Luck in Disney. Someday I hope to be able to join U guys down there. Anne & Dave Lavery
Mary Anne L. 4/24/2013 Thanks to Ben and Jen for your love and support of this awesome young man and his family. Happy 25th birthday, Joe!
Kimberly R. 4/24/2013 Happy birthday to such an inspirational young man! Thank you Ben and Jen for supporting all families looking for a cure.
Crystal H. 4/24/2013 For my sister Cathryn who struggles every day with this disorder! <3
Lisa B. 4/24/2013 So grateful for this opportunity to double our donation! Thank you A-T Family & Friends for continuing to fight A-T. You all are our HOPE! ~Team Josh, Brooke & Emmy
Johnna B. 4/24/2013 A salute to Ben and Jen for doing this. Love to all A-T families..
Timothy D. 4/24/2013
Cyndi H. 4/24/2013 In the name of Cathryn Achilles
Maricela A. 4/24/2013
Gregory P. 4/24/2013
Timothy L. 4/24/2013 Thank you Ben and Jennifer for your leadership and compassion to help find a cure for each of our dear friends struggling with A-T.
Lise L. 4/23/2013 In honor of Joe K and all families affected by A-T. Thank you, Ben & Jennifer; your support is an inspiration.
Brad M. 4/23/2013 Thanks for the match! It really, really helps! Brad & Vicki
Kyla P. 4/23/2013 Love!
Wade P. 4/22/2013
Karen R. 4/21/2013
Lynda S. 4/21/2013 This gift is on behalf of a young friend Cathryn Achilles, who has A-T.
Treena F. 4/21/2013 In honor of my Aunts: Luanne (whom I never got to meet) and Janice (who lived to age 33!). I will always love you! Thank you, Ben and Jennifer! Happy Birthday, Joe!!!
Karla C. 4/21/2013
Susan C. 4/21/2013 Also honoring Josh & Brooke from Maine
Anonymous 4/19/2013 We know & love those affected. Much appreciation for the help.
Jean L. 4/12/2013 Happy Birthday Joe from the Langs (including two April birthdays:) In honor of our nephew/cousin Zach. Thanks for the match Ben and Jen.
Judith W. 4/8/2013 In honor of my precious grandson, Marcus. Happy 5th birthday! With love and prayers for a CURE. Thank you Ben and Jennifer!
Theresa S. 4/7/2013
Ryan Companies US, Inc. 4/5/2013
Mike W. 4/1/2013
OSIsoft, LLC 4/1/2013
Ellen S. 3/27/2013 Go Jack!
Despina A. 3/26/2013 For my little nephew Stelios from Greece and for all the kids with A-T.
Perry K. 3/26/2013 Celebrating Joes 25th birthday! Than you Ben and Jen
Mary B. 3/26/2013 In loving memory of Michele Cramer.
Jennifer M. 3/25/2013 In honor of a college friend's adorable little boy, Connor, who has A-T
OSIsoft, LLC 3/25/2013
Crystal O. 3/23/2013 From one little boy to another!! Thank you!
Beth H. 3/20/2013
Randi S. 3/20/2013 In honor of all the Wisconsin A-T kids (and young adults)!!
Tracy K. 3/19/2013
Panagiotis A. 3/19/2013 On behalf of Stelios's Grandfather and Grandmother.
Dennis K. 3/18/2013 Although my daughter with A-T didn't get to celebrate her 25th I am hopeful that with these donations all A-T kids will get to celebrate their 25th b-days. Happy birthday Joe. Thank you Ben and Jennifer.
Ken B. 3/18/2013
William B. 3/17/2013 for Joe and my grandson, Braedon. Thank You, Ben andJennifer.
Donna G. 3/16/2013 Happy birthday :) Rock on Joe K -- and many thanks to Ben & Jen for their continued generosity. Time to send AT packing!
Cheryl D. 3/16/2013 Happy, Happy Birthday Joe. I wish you nothing but the best.. Hope is what everyone needs. God bless those that give of themselves, especially Ben and Jennifer.
Bobbie M. 3/15/2013
Jen K. 3/15/2013 In memory of Tate Smith
Jennifer L. 3/15/2013 Happy 25th Joe! Thanks for your, your family, your cool friend's and the ATCP family's tireless support and great ideas! Also in loving memory of my Jared, AT-Free in Heaven.
Richard K. 3/14/2013
Anonymous 3/14/2013
Trisha H. 3/14/2013
Deanna A. 3/13/2013 Our daughter Cathryn has this disease. Thank you, Ben and Jen!
Bruce M. 3/13/2013 thank you Ben and Jennifer for making our donation go further and shining a light where it is so needed.
Lauren W. 3/13/2013
Mike W. 3/13/2013
Ronald S. 3/13/2013 For my beautiful Angel Amanda, and the memories of her sweet precious giggles! Love you!
Stephanie S. 3/13/2013 Joe Kindregan is one awesome guy!
Adrienne Z. 3/13/2013 In memory of Amanda who was and still is the light of my life!
Nicole B. 3/11/2013 For Joe and Ben&Jen!
Lori H. 3/11/2013 To honor Joe and all the kids with A-T. Thank you Ben and Jen for your generous offer to match.
Nina P. 3/11/2013 Happy b-day Joe and Thank You Ben and Jen, this is for all the AT kids, especially the love of my life, my AT boy Sam (next time you're back in MA give us a visit!!, It'd be "wicked" fun!)
River City Disposal, Inc. 3/11/2013
Panagiotis A. 3/11/2013 Happy birthday Joe.Ben & Jen thank you very much for your support.I am from Greece and my son Stelios (4 years old) has A-T.
Lynette B. 3/10/2013 Our grandson was just dignosed on Feb. 13, he is 10 months old. KIDS. HOPE. CURE. Thank you for your match!
Thomas O. 3/10/2013 thanks jennifer & ben...go Jack ! Aunt Diane & Uncle Tom
Jared K. 3/10/2013 Happy Birthday Cousin Joe!!!
Todd A. 3/10/2013 In honor of Joe our son Jason and all the kids with AT. Thank you Ben and Jennifer!!
Patricia K. 3/9/2013
Pamela D. 3/9/2013 In honor of Joe's 25th Birthday and all kids with A-T who will celebrate a birthday this year. In memory of my son, Jared Digby, and all A-T kids who will celebrate their birthdays in Heaven this year. Thank You to Ben and Jennifer!
Connie O. 3/9/2013 Very stong feelings for AT children and their families as my grandson, Liam Cowand is also an AT child. I hope that many, many others donate as well.
Angie C. 3/9/2013 I'm so happy to be able to help support this cause Joe!!! In loving memory of our sweet friend Jared Digby!
Janet H. 3/8/2013
Michela H. 3/8/2013
Heather W. 3/8/2013 Sam D so happy to support your cause! Heather
Kim M. 3/8/2013
Kristen A. 3/8/2013 In honor of Joe's 25th Birthday and our son, Avedis Akian.
Carol W. 3/7/2013
Susan C. 3/7/2013 Happy 25th Joe! In honor of my grandkids, Josh & Brooke, of Jay, Maine,who both have A-T.....Thanks for the support!
Donald S. 3/7/2013 Great cause. Thanks for sharing Adam!!
Samantha D. 3/7/2013 For a cure of A-T for our son Connor... thank you Ben and Jennifer and happy birthday Joe!
Laurie B. 3/7/2013
Laurie Z. 3/7/2013 Happy Birthday our Handsome Hollywood Rockstar! We love you Joe! xoxo
Adam W. 3/7/2013 For Madi, Kate and Olivia
Blaine A. 3/7/2013
Kay D. 3/7/2013 Thank you Ben & Jennifer for helping all our kids, and thanks to Joe, for winning their hearts!
Lanie D. 3/7/2013
Linda D. 3/7/2013
Arika H. 3/7/2013
Magdalene W. 3/7/2013 Happy birthday Joe! You have some great friends.
Leah B. 3/7/2013
Tim R. 2/22/2013 in honor of Joe and Ben
Sandra P. 2/20/2013 In honor of Joe K and Ben



If there’s one thing we want you to remember, it’s how much your support helps in our efforts to cure A-T. It honestly couldn’t happen without you. Thank you for giving us hope.

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