Do you have a child just diagnosed with A-T?

We understand that it can be a difficult time, and there is much to learn. Please know that we are here for you, your family, relatives, friends, child’s caregivers, and everyone in your life who cares about A-T and our mission to find life-improving therapies and a cure.

Take the following steps to get started:

  • Complete a brief welcome form so we can stay in touch with you. We send parents periodic emails and mailings about advances in A-T research, clinical information, and fundraising opportunities to help make it all happen.
  • Register your child for the Global A-T Family Data Platform. You may be able to help researchers make new discoveries and accelerate the development of therapies.
  • Consider making an appointment at the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • The work of the A-T Children’s Project is funded mostly by the grassroots efforts of friends and families of children with A-T. Learn more about getting involved.