With an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, medical training in neurology, and a PhD in robotics, Anoopum Gupta, MD, PhD at Massachusetts General Hospital is unusually qualified to apply new technologies to unravel complicated neurological problems like A-T.

Supported by the A-T Children’s Project, Dr. Gupta has begun training a computer system to analyze video, audio and potentially other types of digital data captured from A-T patients. The system will then identify patterns in the data that are specific to A-T, using an artificial intelligence technique known as “machine learning.”

Machine learning programs give computers the ability to “learn” from large data sets without telling the computers specifically what they are looking for. Dr. Gupta hopes that applying this approach to mine data collected from A T patients will produce new discoveries, including more precise, digital measurement techniques that will be critical for objectively testing treatments in clinical trials.

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