Cathryn’s quilt Drawing

Cathryn is now pleased to announce her newest personal fundraiser combining her passion for quilting with her love and concern for those who, like her, have been impacted by A-T. The quilt is 50″ x 70″ with a matching pillowcase.

Every $10.00 donation you make in Cathryn’s honor gives you one entry into a drawing to win Cathryn’s latest creation! Donations in multiples of $10 mean multiple entries!

The drawing for the quilt will be held on Saturday, December 14 at 4:15 PM at the final showing of The Acting Company’s Magic Theater Production of Season of Giving, Too, an original musical written by Betsy Johnson (script) and Cathryn’s father Jim (Music). The show is another fundraiser for the A-TCP. Donors toward the quilt drawing do not need to be present to be chosen as the new owner!

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Following Her Passion to Pursue Her Dreams

Young Cathryn Achilles loves to quilt. It’s a perfect hobby for expressing her artistic side, her love of color and life, and her generous spirit: she has given away almost all of her finished quilts to others as gifts of care and love.

Cathryn also dreams of the day when people will no longer suffer from the disease that has made quilting so hard for her to do on her own. Cathryn has A-T. She endures neurological affects that make the delicate work of quilting almost impossible without help. In order to help find a cure, Cathryn has participated in fundraisers for the A-TCP for many years.

That a person with A-T would take up quilting as a hobby is remarkable. That she would take the initiative to find the helpers she needs shows a surprising sense of purpose and desire. That she would dedicate her efforts — which are significant! — to raising funds for a cure reveals a selfless heart and a hard-working spirit.

You can help reward those efforts today! Make a donation to the A-TCP in honor of Cathryn and you’ll be entered into a drawing to receive the quilt. Someone will be the proud owner of this unique creation—unique because of the one who designed it, crafted it, and offered it for others to enjoy.

The Story

Cathryn began working on this quilt when the A-TCP held annual fundraising efforts at Disneyland. The quilt features Disney’s best-known character in a colorful and lighthearted display, perfect for the Disney fan in your family!

Cathryn did the shopping for the fabric personally. She very carefully matched the bright colors to her theme and picked out the pattern.

She then recruited Bernadette Decuir as a sewing partner. Bernadette would come once a week, packing in her sewing machine and all the necessary supplies, then help Cathryn fulfill her vision for the quilt.

When it was all assembled, Cathryn brought in her long-time friend and quilt-mentor, Joy Pierce, to do the long-arm quilting. Joy enlisted her daughter Shirley Long to design the quilting pattern.