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Our Giving Circle is for those who want to make an ongoing commitment to A-T research. These monthly donors are dedicated, strategic, and make our work sustainable—thank you for giving hope to all A-T families.



In honor of Aaron:
Christine and Chris Biros


In honor of Adem:
Ahmet and Stephanie Aslanturk

In honor of Adrienne:
Louise Costello

In honor of Amy:
Dory and Angel Alvarez

In honor of Alyssa: 
Dennis Moran

In honor of Audrey: 
Josh and Brittany Capps, Devine Acres Farm

In honor of Bo and Martha:
Ellen and Tim Doyle

In honor of Brayden:
Vern and Lucia Ledlow, Mark Froud, the Winfield Born family, John Jaklitsch, Elizabeth and Brian dePeuter, Patricia Ledlow, Mark and Heather Ackersviller, Henry and Linda Walcarius, John and Lynn Ledlow, Joy and Everett Lander, Sarah and Steve Van Dyke

In honor of Brody:
Bill and Lynette Bushnell

In honor of Brooke:
Ilene Weiss

In honor of Cassie and Andy:
Max and Debbie Henderson

In honor of Cathryn:
Johnna and Cory Bartholomew

In honor of Calvin:
Ryan and Jenna Kelly, Robert Smyth

In honor of Cayenne:
Lori Love, Gary and Roseanne Grindle

In honor of Chad:
Carol Rogers, Louise & Mark Wildoner

In honor of Christina:
Michael Authement

In honor of Christopher S.:
John and Karolina Scherer, Scott Diehl

In honor of Connor G.:
Michelle and Dan Graban

In honor of Connor K.:
Eugene Unger, Peter Babakian, Ryan Babakian

In honor of Don and Carol:
Diane Rice

In honor of Dylan and Sean:
Dennis and Mary Sutcliffe

In honor of Elle:
Ernie and Eleanor Voegeli, Amanda and Ryan Voegeli

In honor of Elliott:
Peggy Speck

In honor of Emersyn:
Trisha Cherry

In honor of Emily:
Paul Madsen

In honor of Emmy:
Ashley and David Liufau, Sarah Adams

In honor of Ethan:
Joshua Flood

In honor of Garrett:
Julian and Beth Piatt

In honor of Hazel:
Eric and Rebecca Diamond, Fran and Harvey Kaluzna, Christine Viola-Golbig and Frank Golbig, Don and Mary Molter, Kelly Ramsak and Chris Peterson, Claudia Diamond and Michael Rohlinger

In honor of Jarrett and Quinn:
Carlos Rodriguez, Satoru Iino

In honor of Jason and Michelle:
John and Katy Bianchin

In honor of Jennifer:
Tripp and Pam Smith, Andy Brown

In honor of Joe:
Mitchell Piper, Brooke Ybarra, Mary Fontaine

In honor of Johnson’s Angels:
Eric and Sylvia Johnson

In honor of Josh and Brooke:
Marilyn McDonald, Laurie and Michael Pratt, Susan and Gary Copeland, Maria and Gerry Brochu, Holly Richards

In honor of Joshua and Jacob:
Deborah Brooks

In honor of Kate and Livi:
Max and Abby Sievers, Dominick and Mary Tonnarini, Sarah VanZoeren, Dave and Mary Veldink

In honor of Kati:
Veronica Burke, Jennifer and Wade Leasure

In honor of Keaton:
Leonard and Paula Hand

In honor of Kimaya:
Manoshan Pillay

In honor of Libby:
Jared Silva

In honor of Lucia and Cruz:
Marilyn and Barbara Connor

In honor of Madux:
Tim and Andrea Schroeder, Scott and Karen Grabau, Jim and Kay Babcock, Erika and Matt Raess, Barbara Dunst

In honor of Mason and Sadie:
Thomas and Sheila Richardson, Christina Zavos, Teresa Hall

In honor of Max:
Dan and Marilyn Bafunno, Beth and Adam Boryenace

In honor of Mollie:
Emily Barker

In honor of Molly: 
Emily Merkel

In honor of Noah:
Brent and Janie Vitek

In honor of Paige and Alex:
John and Sarah Champion

In honor of Olivia:
Amy Demone

In honor of Owen:
Clay and Jodie Hansen

In honor of Pierce:
Cyndie and Darryl Gross

In honor of Randy and Alex:
Susan Simpson, Ralph and Ildiko Olive

In honor of Reed:
Cecili Chadwick and Clyde Daines, Clinton Chadwick, Lelan Daines

In honor of Rylie:
Paul and Karen Perrotta, Edmund Walencikowski

In honor of Sage:
Diane and Dave Bounds, Gretchen Beauchamp

In honor of Sam:
John Stevenson and Nancy Nelson, Nina and Kenneth Pollard

In honor of Sam and Emily:
Eric Chapman, Andrea Pasierb, Cana Pasierb, Claudia Pasierb, Lisa Karner

In honor of Sawyer:
Brent and Danica Johnson, Steve and Debra Gladwell, Tricia and Jared Johnson, Gayle and David Johnson, Laura Olson

In honor of Scott:
Jody and Raul Soto

In honor of Serafina:
Kastriot and Lendita Gashi

In honor of Shane:
Julie and Bob Jacobson

In honor of Taylor:
Nicolette Richmond

In honor of Tanner:
Kenneth Davies

In honor of Wyatt:
Kathleen and Eric Newsom

In honor of Zach K.:
Marty and Stephanie Klein

In honor of Zach M.:
Deborah and Bob McMillan

In honor of Zeke and Jocelyn:
Mary Weinreis

In honor of all children and young adults with A-T:
Rosheen Erangey