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“A-T Cure Team Saturdays” is a new forum to support ANY A-T CureTeam member. This page is used to connect A-T CureTeam members who are staying active while at home (social distancing) and afterwards! This page is a tool for our A-T CureTeam members to receive training tips and advice to educate you while you train, connect and achieve goals together!

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meet your team leaders

Crystal & Megon will share a training schedule, tips and advice to help you get fit for your event!

                     Crystal Olive             Megon Steele                     


Introducing our first event

Virtual 5K Race Day – June 20, 2020

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This is a standalone virtual event that the A-T Cure Team Saturdays is hosting. Megon Steele, an A-T relative, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with about 15 years’ experience as a runner. Megon will train YOU in just 8 weeks to participate in our Virtual 5K!


Register and follow along on our A-T CureTeam Saturdays Facebook Page for training videos, advice and weekly check-ins from your team leaders, Crystal & Megon. Create a personal fundraising page and create a fundraising goal for yourself, all while training for a cause!

Virtual 5K Participation Types

WALK: Go at your own pace and walk the 5K! Get moving and have fun!

RUN: Looking for a more competitive race? Run the 5K and improve your time while training with Crystal & Megon!

ROLL: This includes bikes, strollers, wheelchairs…if it rolls, this is the option for you!

A-T Saturdays Crew: Want to get involved but not looking to participate in a 5K? No problem! Join our A-T Saturdays Crew and move in however way you want! Be a cheerleader for those on race day and join in on the fun every Saturday.

Win a Prize!

Who doesn’t love a prize?! All you have to do is post a photo of your time and yourself participating to our Facebook Page and you’ll be entered to win!

Prizes will be given to the following:

Top Fundraiser: #trainforacureat and share your journey to get active with your followers! Create a personal fundraising page and share it on social media to fundraise for a cure!

Most Creative Participant: Running in a silly costume? Have a creative training setup at home or getting the whole family involved in a fun way? Share it with us for the chance to win as our Most Creative Participant!

Overall Fastest Runner: When comparing all race categories, the person with the fastest time in the entire race will receive a prize!

First Place In Each Age Category: The person with the fastest time in each race category will receive an A-T T-Shirt and medal to sport in their next challenge!

Age Categories

Child: Ages 5-17
Young adult: Ages 18-30
Adult: Ages 31-49
Masters: Ages 50+


1. SIGN UP for the Virtual 5K!


2. Join or create a team:
When you go to the link above, the best option is to either “Join a Team” or “Form a Team” at the top of the page. If you choose “Join a Team” it will ask you to search for the team name. You don’t have to know the whole team name – for example, if you type “Josh” you will see a list of all teams with that name in them.

3. Share your fundraising page:
After you have joined up, you will have the chance to create your own web address for your fundraising page! You can share that address with ALLLL your friends to get them to sign up on your team! Or, they can use the link just to donate!

Every Saturday leading up to the Virtual 5K on June 20th, we will have a new training video with workouts to follow along with on the A-T Cure Team Saturdays page.

Here’s our first one. You are NOT BEHIND –

5. Post your progress leading up to race day
on the page or in the Virtual 5K event discussions. Use #trainforacureAT

6. Join us on race day!
Run, walk, or roll your heart out on June 20th and post your results on our page! We will have a special post just for that!

Are you ready to get moving?

Click below to register today!