The Family Advisory Council (FAC) of the A-T Children’s Project is a group of A-T family members who have volunteered their time to assist the A-TCP achieve its mission by supporting families and guiding the organization’s grassroots fundraising and awareness efforts. Members provide advice and help in areas such as:

  • Planning Caregiver Weekends
  • Contacting and following up with families of newly diagnosed children
  • Increasing awareness, such as creating social media content
  • Contributing innovative ideas for fundraising guidance and materials
  • Recruiting other families to participate in the Global A-T Family Data Platform

The A-T Children’s Project’s Board of Directors created the FAC to draw on the creativity, insights and resourcefulness of A-T family members. This separate committee has nine members, including an A-TCP Board member and the A-TCP Executive Director who serves as its facilitators. Members commit to serve a three-year term; however, one might serve up to a five-year term if he/she has a specific expertise and/or a vacancy cannot be filled.

Eligible members:

  • Are a parent or other relative of someone with A-T
  • Fundraise actively for the A-T Children’s Project
  • Volunteer for the A-TCP approximately 5-20 hours/month
  • Have a specific skill set that increases the effectiveness of the FAC
  • Are able to balance personal issues with the commitment to serve
  • Can prepare for and participate in conference calls and in-person meetings

If you are interested in joining the FAC in the future, please contact Jennifer Thornton.