Time to Get Your Flu Shot

Dear A-T Families,

The flu season is coming, and October is the time to get the flu vaccine.

Dr. Howard Lederman, Director of the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland recommends that all people with A-T receive the killed (injected) influenza (flu) vaccine every fall. Household members should also be vaccinated annually to decrease the chances of bringing influenza into the home environment. The nasal spray flu vaccine contains live virus and should not be used for people with A-T,  but can be used for other members of the household.

Preventing flu will be especially important again this year, as symptoms will overlap with COVID-19 infection. The good news is that social distancing and wearing a mask should prevent the transmission of flu as well as COVID-19.

For those who are eligible to get COVID-19 booster shots as well, the CDC considers it safe to receive them at the same time as flu shots. If you have any concerns about this, please consult with your local doctor.

We hope everyone stays healthy this flu season. As always, the doctors at the A-T Clinical Center are available to answer your questions.

All the best,


Jennifer Thornton, Executive Director