The A-T Children’s Project only sponsors events and other marketing opportunities that appropriately further its mission to accelerate international scientific research aimed at finding a cure and improving the lives of all children with ataxia-telangiectasia.

Registration Form

Event hosts must submit a completed Event Registration Form to the A-T Children’s Project as a first step in the event planning process. Staff members are available to help hosts complete the form and provide consultation as needed.


The A-T Children’s Project can assist in coordinating press and media releases.


When financially responsible, the A-T Children’s Project must be involved in negotiating and signing contracts.


The A-T Children’s Project will make its best effort to provide t-shirts, sponsor brochures, invitations, printing, postage, information brochures, banners, balloons, videos, or other fundraising supplies.


The A-T Children’s Project will assist the host in obtaining event insurance when necessary. Most often, this can be secured under the organization’s existing policy. At least one week’s notice is needed to provide insurance certificates for specific events.


Expenses must have advance approval when they are to be paid by the A-T Children’s Project. The A-T Children’s Project strives to keep expenses less than 25% of funds raised.

Event Tickets

Advance ticket purchases must be paid and sent directly to the A-T Children’s Project at the time of purchase.

Solicitation Letters

All solicitation letters must direct the donor who donates by check to make their check payable to and sent directly to the A-T Children’s Project at 6810 N. State Road 7, Suite 125, Coconut Creek, FL 33073.


Fundraising events must comply with all relevant state and local laws as necessary. Event hosts should determine if special raffle licenses are required.

event waiver

All event attendees must read and agree to our event waiver. USA Event Waiver | Canada Event Waiver


Event Income

All checks must be made payable to the A-T Children’s Project. A minimum of two people is required to be present at locations where money is collected. A copy of the accounting records of the event’s income must go home with one person, and the money must go home with another person. The funds and accounting records must be sent separately to the A-T Children’s Project within 15 days of collecting funds or 15 days following an event for accounting purposes and timely acknowledgement letters.

reimbursement program

Reimbursements may be provided for Marathon Weekend. Once $2,000 has been raised, you will be eligible to receive up to 20% of the amount raised (i.e., $400+) for reimbursement of the registered participant’s eligible expenses for race registration and up to 3 nights lodging. Each race will have a maximum allowable lodging nights and lodging amount per night. All money raised must be in accordance with the A-T Children’s Project’s Fundraising Guidelines on this page. Once the $2,000 has been raised, receipts can then be submitted with the Reimbursement Form to the A-T Children’s Project at fundraising@atcp.org for reimbursement of eligible expenses.


A-T Children’s Project
800.543.5728 or 954.481.6611
Kimberly Beisner, Fundraising Coordinator

Jennifer Thornton, Executive Director