Host a Hope with Every Step Walk

These 5K and/or family walks provide the funding needed to make critical A-T research happen. You can support your own A-T CureTeam efforts with an event in your area.

It’s fun and easy!

  • Contact your school, youth group, or neighborhood friends to set a date and place.
  • Tell the A-T Children’s Project how many t-shirts and sponsor brochures you will need, and we will easily custom design our t-shirts and brochures to suit your event and send them to you.
  • Everybody shows up, walks around track, neighborhood, or park for half an hour or certain distance, and you collect the money and pass out t-shirts.
    • The A-T Children’s Project provides the tools you need, including:
      • sponsor brochures
      • t-shirts
      • online registration pages
      • …and the list goes on!

Register for Events