The A-T Children’s Project has recently awarded funding to Rob Dineen, PhD from the University of Nottingham in the UK to assemble existing brain imaging data and examine how the cerebellum changes in A-T. Results from the review may bring more clarity about where and when the most critical problems occur in the A-T brain, potentially suggesting new research strategies to scientists attempting to develop therapeutic interventions.

This is the second round of A-TCP funding for Dr. Dineen. His first study, the Childhood A-T Neuroimaging Assessment Project (CATNAP), in which Dr. Dineen’s team imaged individuals with A-T from the UK, revealed that, although the overall size of the cerebellum decreases with age in A-T, the enlargement of the 4th cerebellar ventricle is particularly correlated with decreased neurologic function.

To perform this new, broad review of multiple data sets, Dr. Dineen will collaborate with investigators from Australia, Germany, Italy and the US, analyzing brain structures in children and young adults with both the classic and mild forms of A-T. The brain image data will then be stored in a common database that can be shared with other researchers and analyzed using state-of-the-art tools.

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