a message to our friends and family…

On behalf of the Veldink family and all families with Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), we would be honored with a donation toward helping the A-T Children’s Project (A-TCP) in their mission to cure A-T. The A-TCP dedicates funding for life-improving therapies, clinical care, and collaborations with medical and research institutions.

As many of you know, Kim and her children, Madeline and Owen, have shared a lifelong friendship with the Veldink family, of whom 2 of their 3 daughters suffered from A-T. Kate was Madeline’s best friend since the age of 5. Owen and Olivia were the same age and shared a special friendship.

This year we shared our first Disney experience as a “couple” and ran a 10K as well as cheering Madeline on to the finish line of her first half-marathon, in honor of Kate and Livi. Because we really do not need a single material thing as we celebrate our marriage; we would love for our friends and family to make a donation to ATCP and help us honor these families who face daily and lifelong challenges.

A-T is a genetic disease that causes loss of muscle control and balance, cancer, lung disease and immune system problems in children and young adults, shortening their lives. A-T is like having Parkinson’s, AIDS, cancer, and muscular dystrophy all rolled into one disease. The nonprofit A-T Childrens Project partners with academic and industry investigators who are dedicating their time and talents toward important research to slow down the progression of the disease and ideally to find a cure to A-T.

By joining us and raising funds, you are bringing hope to every child battling A-T!

Thank you for your support,

Kim & Rich Grant