Olivia’s A-T Warrior Bracelets

The A-T Children’s Project is grateful to have so many dedicated fundraisers like the Demone family in Nova Scotia, Canada. Recently, they found a creative way to include Olivia, their 8-year-old with A-T, in their fundraising.

Olivia’s mom, Amy, says, “We are always trying to think of new and unique ways to fundraise and bring awareness about A-T.  We were doing crafts with beads one day and it just came to us that we should make Olivia’s A-T Warriors bracelets to raise funds.”

The Demone family quickly got to work! At first, they made 18 bracelets and labeled each one with a number. Amy posted on Facebook that the bracelets were for sale at $5 each and 100% of proceeds go to the A-TCP. Supporters commented on the post with the number of the bracelet they’d like to buy and worked with Amy directly about how to pay. These sold out in only an hour!

They started taking bracelet orders and making regular social media posts about bracelet production, which kept the orders coming. One order was for a little girl’s birthday party so they made warrior bracelets and special edition “Happy Birthday” bracelets as well.

Olivia’s A-T Warrior bracelets included “made with love” tags and a write-up about Olivia and what they support. They packaged up each order and wrote a thank-you note on it. The bracelets were either mailed, delivered or picked up.

Now, 62 bracelets later, the Demone family has raised over $300 for the A-TCP. What’s more, there are 62 people wearing Olivia’s A-T Warrior bracelets and spreading awareness in the community. Amy says, “We were pleasantly surprised about how many we made and sold! It just shows if you have an idea, just go for it!”

The Demones are not the only A-T family putting their talents toward fundraising. Stay tuned!