Hello from the Great Blue Sea

We are so proud of Chad Wildoner and Kayleen Holder for the publication of their first book, “Hello from the Great Blue Sea”. Illustrator Chad is 35 and has A-T. Author Kayleen Holder is aunt to four-year-old Audrey Jane who also has A-T.

Audrey loved playing the cut-out matching card game and cut-out puzzle in the back of the book.
Chad says, “When life gets you down, you gotta keep swimmin’….maybe even in that Great Blue Sea!”

Chad and Kayleen met earlier this year when Kayleen hosted an art contest for people with A-T for the newspaper she works at. She was inspired by the drawings Chad submitted and his dedication and passion for art. With Kayleen’s background as a writer (check out her stories in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kindness Matters”) and Chad’s artistic talents, they teamed up to produce a children’s book to raise money for A-T research.

The book features sea creatures from around the world greeting the reader in multiple different languages. The book also highlights some of Chad’s amazing adventures – Chad reminds us that people with A-T can skydive, horseback ride, kayak, and even illustrate a book!

Copies of “Hello from the Great Blue Sea” can be ordered here. To date, Chad and Kayleen have raised over $2,000 for the A-T Children’s Project. Chad and Kayleen’s book is more than a fundraiser – “Hello from the Great Blue Sea” represents hard work, perseverance and HOPE.

From Kayleen: “We are looking for businesses or people who would like to sponsor a set of 100 or 1,000 books for local school children in their community. Contact me for bulk rates. Also any A-T families who have a store or restaurant and would like to sell our book, please contact Kayleen at reporter@devinenews.com or on Facebook.”

This “party animal of the sea” is one of many creatures you’ll meet!