Create a Team T-Shirt!

If you are an A-T Children’s Project (A-TCP) supporter, chances are you have an A-TCP t-shirt! Over the years, we have hosted numerous campaigns selling shirts for Rare Disease Day, the holidays, Father’s and Mother’s Day and more. Many of our event hosts also use t-shirts as part of their events. T-shirts are a wonderful marketing tool to spread awareness about A-T, share your story with your community, AND raise money for A-T research.

Within the past few years, the A-TCP opened our own marketplace on Bonfire – a fundraising platform where nonprofits like ours can design and sell apparel to support their mission. Bonfire also offers a feature where fundraisers can create their own campaigns specifically for their supporters. This is a great way to fundraise and raise awareness with no expenses and minimal set-up.

Team Mason & Sadie, Team Connor Conquers A-T, Team Olivia and Team Josh have all had success with custom shirt sales. See some of their designs in the image below!

Bonfire handles all the logistics from ordering the shirts to shipping them out. All you have to do is create and upload your design, choose which style of shirt you’d like to sell, set the price and the spread the word. Everything else is taken care of!

Create Your Custom t-shirt Campaign

For help designing your shirt or uploading artwork to Bonfire, please reach out to us at or 954-481-6611.