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Hope With Every Flight
**Final 12-hour event totals. I managed to climb: 979 stories, 23,744 stairs, 12,861 feet. Thanks to a final donation drive getting people to donate $1/floor for the last hour I managed 147 stories in the last 60 minutes. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and the A-T Children's Project in this event! There is no way that I could have done this without you all!**

I first learned about the A-T Children's project from 4-time Olympian Hunter Kemper when he was the guest speaker at the Minnesota Tri Night banquet back in 2007. After hearing about this amazing organization and the work they are doing to help kids with A-T, I ran Chicago Marathon in 2008 and Ironman Florida in 2010 to help raise money and have met some amazing people along the way.

The last year has been one filled with setbacks in my personal life as I broke my fibula training for a 100K trail run last fall and was in a boot most of the winter. I finally recovered this spring and was training/gearing up to run a 100-mile trail race when I had a tree fall on me while cleaning up after a storm this past June. The tree broke a few vertebrae and ribs as well as doing what my surgeon referred to as "catastrophic trauma" to the foot and ankle. After 2 surgeries there was a chance that I could lose my foot and best case scenario would still have permanent damage to the ankle.

Fast forward 6 months and things have progressed beyond what my doctor ever thought possible. I still need to use a cane to get around and have days that are better and worse than others but I'm starting to be able to walk relatively normal again. While I still have a long ways to go on my recovery, one of the 2 local families with children affected by A-T recently suffered a blow which caused me to fast track my fundraiser. 11-year old Talitha is living with A-T and was just diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The fact that she has A-T makes treatment for cancer much more complicated. Your donations go towards research for life-improving therapies and a cure for A-T.

To help raise money, I will be climbing the stairs at the AT&T Tower (901 Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis) from 8am-8pm on Saturday, January 11th. Please help by making a donation of any size. You can either donate a lump sum or pledge a specific amount per floor I manage to climb (remember, I was basically bed-ridden for the first 3 months and have still been minimally mobile for the last 3 so don't be afraid to go big!). Please check with your employer as I know my my company (Ryan Companies US, Inc.) will match all donations by employees from $25-$400 per organization, per year!

I know this is a hard time of year to come up with extra money, but please consider making a donation of any size to help kids like Talitha, Madi, Kate & Olivia and all of the other A-T families that could desperately use your help!


Imagine a disease that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer. Children with A-T are usually confined to wheelchairs by age 10 and often do not survive their teens. Because A-T is a multi-system disease, scientists believe that A-T research will help more prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and cancer.

My Sponsors
Patricia W. 9/3/2014
The GE Foundation 6/2/2014
Ryan Companies US, Inc. 2/18/2014
Minnesota Community Foundation 2/3/2014
Eric H. 1/27/2014
Lory D. 1/21/2014 I work with Madison at Birchview elementary. She is a delight!!!
Dave B. 1/15/2014
Franci J. 1/15/2014
Brianna L. 1/14/2014 Way to go Adam!! You are such an inspiration!
Gary W. 1/14/2014 In honor of Adam's climb
Shaun S. 1/14/2014
Anonymous 1/13/2014 What a great cause, keep up the amazing work!
Anonymous 1/12/2014
Anonymous 1/12/2014
Wayne H. 1/12/2014 Great job Adam!
Marceleen M. 1/12/2014 You are awesome Adam!
Anonymous 1/12/2014 Great cause
William B. 1/11/2014 Braedon Pollmann
Jen B. 1/11/2014
Matthew D. 1/11/2014
Rebecca J. 1/11/2014 So stinkin proud, dude!
Angela L. 1/11/2014
Kent W. 1/11/2014
David M. 1/11/2014 Nice job Adam!
Anonymous 1/11/2014 You are amazing, Adam!
NorthStar Wealth Management 1/11/2014 Awesome cause AJ. Thanks for giving back!
Michelle H. 1/10/2014 Good Luck, Adam! And have fun!
Mike M. 1/10/2014
Lily W. 1/10/2014 Great cause, good luck. :)
Sarah S. 1/10/2014 Go Adam!
Adam W. 1/10/2014 Payment for cash donation received by Cody Crandall
Anonymous 1/10/2014
Kelly J. 1/10/2014
Stephanie G. 1/9/2014 Go Adam!!!
Michael A. 1/9/2014 Great cause, Adam! Good for you!
Mike S. 1/9/2014 Good luck Adam! Your Twin Cities Orthopedics crew is cheering for you!
Chad M. 1/9/2014
Sam C. 1/9/2014 This in an impressive task considering your injuries. I admire your personal courage and your commitment to the A-T Children's Project.
Sara S. 1/8/2014 Good luck! Love you!
Corey S. 1/8/2014 You better climb at least 200 flights or I want my money back!
Jeffrey T. 1/8/2014
Chuck J. 1/8/2014 Don't fall down the stairs Adam
Alexa L. 1/8/2014
Dan W. 1/8/2014 Keep up the good work Adam
Melissa W. 1/8/2014 Good luck!
Alicia S. 1/7/2014 Impressive Adam! watch out for your super hero cape as you climb!
Pamela S. 1/7/2014
Michael K. 1/6/2014 Awesome that you are raising money for others when you went through some tough times recently! I hope your foot is healed up enough to take on this challenge! Hope to run with you soon my friend!
Derek M. 1/6/2014
Pat D. 1/5/2014 Go Adam go! God bless you for doing this. What an amazing heart and an amazing young man! Jerry & Pat support you 100%.
Phil A. 1/2/2014 Good luck adam
Jenny J. 12/30/2013
Christopher A. 12/30/2013
Betsy F. 12/30/2013 You're an animal! Those kiddos are lucky to have you in their lives!
Kent W. 12/28/2013
Benjamin G. 12/27/2013
Alisha A. 12/26/2013 Adam you're a constantly amazing guy!
Richard V. 12/26/2013
Anonymous 12/26/2013
Ann S. 12/26/2013
Christopher S. 12/26/2013
Shannon W. 12/26/2013
Aspen Waste Systems, Inc. 12/24/2013
Thomas E. 12/23/2013
Wati H. 12/23/2013
Comment Board
1/16/2014Thanks Adam for doing this! Our son Ryan(10) has AT and we really appreciate your support for the organization. We live in Apple Valley and didn't see this event until tonight otherwise we would have attended.Mike Costley
1/12/2014Adam, you are awesome!!Sally
1/11/2014Good Luck, Adam. Thanks on behalf of my grandson, Braedon Pollmann.William B.
1/10/2014Thank You Adam!! My son Brody (1) has A-T, we actually live in River Falls, WI about 30 minutes from Minneapolis. We will try to make it out for the event, but thanks for everything you are doing!!Blake Ashley
1/9/2014Thanks Adam!! Wishing you the best of luck and we'll see you Saturday : ) thanks for supporting me & kids with A-T. Cure in 2014!Madison!
1/8/2014Thank you from Talitha in Minnesota....laurie her mom n her siblings
1/2/2014Good luck Adam -- Heather and I just gave you a donation.Phil and Heather
12/27/2013Thank you Adam for all your efforts and will power, may the Lord lighten your legs, and give you wings to boost you along. Stay strong, and super hydrate.Madi's Grandpa Roy
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