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Bafunno Twins Fundraising Page

We are fundraising in honor of Max, son of Beth Fiest Boryenace and Adam Boryenace.

ATCP funds research and development for a rare genetic disease called Ataxia-telangiectasia, also known as "A-T". Imagine a disease that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer. A-T is aggressive, degenerative, and terminal. Children with A-T are usually confined to wheelchairs by age 10 and often do not survive their teens. Because A-T is a multi-system disease, scientists believe that A-T research will help more prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and cancer.

Our nephew, Max, was formally diagnosed with A-T in October 2012, after a year of medical exams, evaluations and tests. Max is a brilliant and savvy little 7 year old who inspires and delights everyone who is fortunate enough to know him. Max’s teachers and caregivers make frequent comments about the smiles he brings to their faces and how he is remarkably smart. Right now, Max has difficulty with physical tasks we all take for granted, like walking or sitting. He has learned how to fall with grace and protect himself in the process. While Max can get around now, this capability will diminish over time and he will likely end up wheel chair bound. While Max will maintain his sense of humor and intelligence, he’ll have a hard time living a “normal” life due to all of the symptoms associated with A-T. As he progresses through life, he will likely need full-time care. Our only hope for Max, due to the rarity of this disease, is raising awareness and supporting research to find a cure and develop therapy and treatment for it.

You can find more information at, which is updated by the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital (funded by ATCP).

ATCP is a non-profit organization, and your donation will go directly to research and raising awareness. Donations to ATCP are tax deductible.
You can make your donation at the top of this page (click the Donate Now button) and keep track of our progress!

Below is an excerpt from an A-T parent explaining how your donations to the A-T Children’s Project have been and continue to be what gives families hope! We have hope to stop this disease for Max.

“In the 24 years that I’ve been seeking support for our battle to treat A-T, I’ve always erred on the side of caution in describing what we hoped to achieve… maybe a slight improvement in a day-to day task like swallowing, or a small enhancement to some aspect of quality of life. But today, I’m bursting with excitement!
By applying a gene therapy approach called “antisense oligonucleotide” or “ASO” therapy, we may now have an opportunity to produce the functional ATM protein that is missing within the cells of children with A-T. I can’t be muted in my excitement today, because we may actually be able to stop the brutal disease process in at least one or two A-T kids this year!
Several ASO drugs have recently been approved by the FDA for other diseases that include Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy and cytomegalovirus retinitis. Applying ASO therapy to A-T will involve making a drug that contains a short strand of RNA that will bind to the mutated site in the A-T child’s RNA so that the child’s cells avoid incorrect “RNA splicing” caused by the mutation. The drug will then be injected into the child’s spinal fluid so that it can reach the brain.
Initially, only the youngest A-T kids who have lost the fewest brain cells and who carry a certain type of mutation will be treated with this approach. In fact, a customized drug will be needed for each child. But despite these limitations, rescuing the first few children from this terrible disease will be the culmination of everything we have worked for. If we’re successful, we will then throw all of our resources and energy into addressing additional types of mutations and making the manufacturing faster and cheaper. Hopefully, we’ll eventually move onto many A-T patients, maybe even those as old as my A-T sons.
Since founding the A-T Children’s Project, we’ve focused primarily on treatments, with a cure in mind but always seeming so far away. And yet, here we stand, poised to leapfrog a symptomatic treatment and potentially give a full, normal, healthy lifetime to first a few, and then hopefully many more children born with A-T. I'm so grateful to you for previously supporting A-T research that has led us to this point.
To make this exciting next step happen, the A-T Children’s Project will need to spend $1.4 million over the next twelve months. Please, please consider joining Vicki and me in making a special donation and designating it for this initiative.
All the best,
Brad Margus
Volunteer Chairman and Founder”


Imagine a disease that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer. Children with A-T are usually confined to wheelchairs by age 10 and often do not survive their teens. Because A-T is a multi-system disease, scientists believe that A-T research will help more prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and cancer.

My Sponsors
Marilyn B. 6/18/2018 In memory of Gigi.
Dan B. 6/15/2018
Doris G. 6/13/2018
Youngstown Kenworth, Inc. 6/7/2018
Dan B. 5/15/2018
Danielle B. 4/19/2018 ASO!
Dan B. 4/15/2018
Cindy J. 4/13/2018 Good job, Danielle
Jamie W. 4/13/2018 Max is one lucky little guy to have Aunts who love him so much!
Kristin M. 4/13/2018 I pray for Max and the research team working to find a cure for A-T.
Harry M. 3/30/2018
Dan B. 3/15/2018
Dan B. 2/15/2018
Dan B. 1/15/2018
Judi M. 12/31/2017
Patrick O. 12/31/2017 For ASO Therapy
Bill and Sue T. 12/30/2017
Sarah S. 12/30/2017
Brenda A. 12/26/2017
Dan B. 12/15/2017
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 12/6/2017
Marilyn B. 12/2/2017
Michelle O. 12/1/2017 Giving Tuesday
Lindsay M. 12/1/2017
Dan B. 11/15/2017
Lindsay M. 11/1/2017
Dan B. 10/26/2017 In memory of Bob Kishbaugh. Please send a note to Theresa Kishbaugh Yost Hollow Rd Berwick, PA
Dan B. 10/15/2017
Lindsay M. 10/1/2017
Dan B. 9/15/2017
Lindsay M. 9/1/2017
Linda C. 8/18/2017
Dan B. 8/15/2017
Lindsay M. 8/1/2017
Dan B. 7/15/2017
LLR inc. 7/10/2017
Ashley B. 7/5/2017
Gary C. 7/3/2017 For the incredible, delightful, and heart-stealing Max!
Lindsay M. 7/1/2017
Laurie F. 6/22/2017
Lawrence O. 6/22/2017 For Max
Dan B. 6/15/2017
Lindsay M. 6/1/2017
Dan B. 5/15/2017
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 5/11/2017
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 5/9/2017
Lindsay M. 5/1/2017
Natalie A. 4/29/2017 Sending much love to Max In celebration of his mom's birthday! The Abbott Family
Dan B. 4/15/2017
Joe M. 4/4/2017
Lindsay M. 4/1/2017
Dan B. 3/15/2017
Lindsay M. 3/1/2017
Dan B. 2/15/2017
Lindsay M. 2/1/2017
Dan B. 1/25/2017 In Memory of Charlie Kishbaugh (Please send a note to Bob Kishbaugh, 434 Yost Hollow Road, Berwick, PA 18603)
Dan B. 1/25/2017 In Memory of Helen White (Please send a note to Melissa Hudzik, 2343 Knollwood Avenue, Poland, OH 44514
Dan B. 1/15/2017
Lindsay M. 1/1/2017
Patricia K. 12/31/2016
Sarah S. 12/31/2016 Happy New Year!
Daniel R. 12/30/2016 Marilyn Bafunno
Donna A. 12/30/2016 In honor of Marilyn's retirement from CRS.
Lindsay M. 12/1/2016
Ellis W. 11/24/2016 Make it a very Happy Max-giving!!
Lindsay M. 11/1/2016
Dan B. 11/1/2016
Frank and Patricia K. 10/16/2016 We want to make this donation in momory of our Son
Lindsay M. 10/1/2016
Dan B. 10/1/2016
Cindy J. 9/22/2016 Happy Birthday, Danielle!
Marilyn B. 9/21/2016 Happy birthday twinnies!!!
Jeff and Annette H. 9/21/2016
Anonymous 9/21/2016 For the Bafunno Twins
Colette K. 9/20/2016
Leslee R. 9/20/2016
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 9/19/2016
Lindsay M. 9/1/2016
Dan B. 9/1/2016
Tena C. 8/3/2016
Lindsay M. 8/1/2016
Dan B. 8/1/2016
Joyce B. 7/13/2016
Kristy B. 7/12/2016 Happy 6th Birthday Max!!!
Erica W. 7/12/2016 Happy Birthday Max!
Lindsay M. 7/1/2016
Dan B. 7/1/2016
Lindsay M. 6/1/2016
Dan B. 6/1/2016
Lindsay M. 5/1/2016
Dan B. 5/1/2016
Marilyn L. 4/11/2016
Randall F. 4/11/2016 Love you Max!
Ellis W. 4/11/2016 Run, Danielle, Run for MAX!
Donna A. 4/10/2016
Danielle B. 4/9/2016 Match for April's half marathon, in honor of Max!
Sal F. 4/9/2016
Dan B. 4/7/2016 Match for March's 1/2 marathon!
Lindsay M. 4/1/2016
Dan B. 4/1/2016
Danielle B. 3/20/2016 Match for March's half marathon!
Jeff C. 3/20/2016
Marilyn B. 3/4/2016
Marilyn B. 3/4/2016
Marilyn B. 3/4/2016
Alan S. 3/2/2016
Dan B. 3/1/2016
Chelsea F. 3/1/2016 Prayers for a cure!
Cathy H. 3/1/2016
Lindsay M. 3/1/2016
Ryan B. 2/29/2016
Dan B. 2/1/2016
Lindsay M. 2/1/2016
Tommy S. 1/25/2016
Virginia V. 1/21/2016 To help the Bafunno Twins fundraising
Lindsay M. 1/1/2016
Dan B. 1/1/2016
Karen L. 12/21/2015
Joyce B. 12/20/2015
Kristy B. 12/20/2015 Merry Christmas
Dan B. 12/1/2015
Lindsay M. 12/1/2015
Dan B. 11/1/2015
Lindsay M. 11/1/2015
Joe M. 10/4/2015
Marilyn B. 10/4/2015 Tastefully Simple Proceeds
Danielle B. 10/4/2015 Danielle's Race for a Cure
Lindsay M. 10/1/2015
Dan B. 10/1/2015
Danielle B. 9/27/2015 Matching $50 race fee
Dan B. 9/1/2015
Lindsay M. 9/1/2015
Dan B. 8/1/2015
Lindsay M. 8/1/2015
Tena C. 7/22/2015 Five for now and five to grow on!
Sal F. 7/21/2015 Happy Belated Birthday Max, Love the Frangiamore family
Kathy F. 7/21/2015 Double your birthday fun!
Ryan B. 7/20/2015 Happy birthday Max!!!
Kelly T. 7/20/2015 Happy 5th birthday Max!!!!!!
David S. 7/18/2015
Connie T. 7/17/2015
Claudia S. 7/17/2015 Happy Birthday, Max!
Gwen E. 7/16/2015
Samm L. 7/16/2015 Happy Birthday, Max!!
Madison F. 7/16/2015 Happy 5th Birthday, Max!!
Judi M. 7/16/2015 Happy Birthday Max!
Patricia K. 7/16/2015
Cindy J. 7/16/2015 Happy Birthday, Max!
Corinne W. 7/16/2015 Happy birthday!
Timothy C. 7/16/2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAX!!!!!!
Hyland 7/15/2015
Julie H. 7/15/2015
Marilyn B. 7/15/2015 Happy Birthday Max!
Kristy B. 7/15/2015 Happy 5th Birthday Max!!!
Dan B. 7/1/2015
Danielle B. 6/30/2015 Match for my May & June race fees
Marilyn L. 6/8/2015
Valerie D. 6/1/2015 in Memory of Peggy Hottenstein
Dan B. 6/1/2015
Dan B. 5/1/2015
Danielle B. 4/24/2015 $25 match for my April race fee!
Debbie P. 4/22/2015 Debbie Pavone
Gary C. 4/7/2015 Birthday gifts from Pat Rogan's 62nd birthday.
Danielle B. 4/4/2015 Donation from Dan & Peggy Hottenstein!
Marilyn B. 4/4/2015 Profits from Tastefully Simple Sales
Marilyn B. 4/4/2015 Matching Gift - Danielle's Race
Tommy S. 4/3/2015
Dan B. 4/1/2015
Marilyn B. 3/22/2015 Matching gift for Danielle's race
Eric F. 3/21/2015
Paul Y. 3/21/2015
Carol L. 3/21/2015
Danielle B. 3/21/2015 Danielle's match to her March half-marathon!
Gene R. 3/17/2015
Karen L. 3/17/2015
Karen Z. 3/17/2015 Happy Birthday Pat Rogan!
Marilyn L. 3/17/2015
Donna A. 3/6/2015
Marilyn B. 3/6/2015 Happy birthday Pat Rogan
Deborah B. 3/4/2015 For two very special Aunties!
Dan B. 3/1/2015
Jeff C. 2/26/2015 Our match For Danielle's match for runs in January, February, & March.
Marilyn B. 2/23/2015 I matched Danielle's match!
Cindy J. 2/22/2015 I can never resist a matching offer fundraiser :)
Danielle B. 2/22/2015 Danielle's match to her February race fee!
Dan B. 2/1/2015
Marilyn B. 1/28/2015 Marilyn's match to Danielle's match!
Danielle B. 1/27/2015 Danielle's match to her January race fee!
Dan B. 1/1/2015
Dan B. 12/1/2014
Marilyn B. 11/2/2014 Proceeds from Tastefully Simple sales
Dan B. 11/1/2014
Danielle B. 10/31/2014 Birthday donation, THANK YOU for the support!
Monica L. 10/15/2014
Anonymous 10/15/2014
Sal F. 10/13/2014
Dan B. 10/1/2014
Theresa C. 9/23/2014 Happy birthday, girls. Max is lucky to have two amazing aunts!!!!!
The Benevity Community Impact Fund US 9/23/2014
Marilyn L. 9/22/2014
Erin B. 9/21/2014
Marilyn B. 9/20/2014 Happy Birthday Danielle!
Cindy J. 9/19/2014
Rachel L. 9/14/2014
Dan B. 9/1/2014
Andrew O. 8/25/2014
Bob B. 8/24/2014
The Benevity Community Impact Fund US 8/23/2014
Danielle H. 8/23/2014
John L. 8/23/2014
Melissa C. 8/23/2014
Erica B. 8/22/2014
Jeff P. 8/21/2014
Joe F. 8/20/2014
Adam B. 8/20/2014
Patrick O. 8/20/2014 Ice Bucket challenge!
Danielle B. 8/19/2014 My ice bucket challenge donation!!
Michelle B. 8/19/2014 Ice bucket challenge!
Jeff and Annette H. 8/19/2014
Randall F. 8/19/2014 my ice bucket also.
Robert K. 8/19/2014 How could I miss out on this? Love you all!!! And its a great cause
Jessica P. 8/19/2014
Dan B. 8/19/2014 This will buy a bucket of ice water for Marilyn
Patricia K. 8/19/2014
Daniel R. 8/18/2014
Dan B. 8/1/2014
Dan B. 7/28/2014 In memory of Lucas Kerker family
Jennie W. 7/14/2014
Dan B. 7/1/2014
Richard H. 6/2/2014
Dan B. 6/1/2014
The Benevity Community Impact Fund US 5/27/2014
Stephen B. 5/27/2014
Nikki K. 5/13/2014
Katie I. 5/5/2014
Maria H. 5/4/2014 Go Michelle! You'll do wonderful.
Mark M. 5/2/2014
Dan B. 5/1/2014
Marilyn B. 5/1/2014 Proceeds from Tastefully SImple!
Robert P. 4/28/2014
John L. 4/28/2014
Frank J. 4/28/2014
Zane M. 4/28/2014
Harry N. 4/28/2014
Valerie T. 4/27/2014 Great Job - Love you!!
Andrea S. 4/27/2014
Patricia R. 4/26/2014
Sarah K. 4/26/2014
Joe F. 4/26/2014 We love you!
Rachelle L. 4/25/2014
Madison P. 4/25/2014 Good luck this weekend!
Patrick O. 4/25/2014 For your nephew Max B dot!
Marc L. 4/25/2014 Run like the wind!
Wilfred R. 4/25/2014 Thank you for doing this and raising awareness!
Jackie L. 4/24/2014 Good Luck Danielle! You and your sister are great aunts!!!
Bob B. 4/24/2014
Robert K. 4/24/2014 Great Job Girls!!!! This is a great thing you are doing!!! Love and miss ya!!! Rob and Colette
Joseph C. 4/23/2014 Good luck girls! I love you both!
Jeff C. 4/23/2014 for Danielle Bafuno's Run for A-T
Abby P. 4/23/2014
Amy H. 4/22/2014 Good luck, D-Baf and Twinny! You guys have the biggest hearts. :) xoxo
Shannon G. 4/22/2014
Marshall B. 4/21/2014
Anthony M. 4/18/2014
Daniel W. 4/18/2014
Valerie P. 4/17/2014
Richard N. 4/17/2014 Good Luck and God Bless you
Doanld M. 4/14/2014
Samantha M. 4/14/2014 Keep up the great work! Happy running!
High Street Fitness 4/11/2014
Patricia M. 4/10/2014
Erin B. 4/10/2014 You both are doing a great thing for your nephew. Love you both!!
Grant G. 4/9/2014
Joe C. 4/9/2014 Have a great run, girls.
Victoria C. 4/9/2014
Steve R. 4/8/2014
Donald W. 4/8/2014
Dana D. 4/8/2014
Lauren B. 4/8/2014
Jennifer C. 4/8/2014
Erika I. 4/8/2014
Eric S. 4/8/2014
Bruce H. 4/8/2014
Glenn E. 4/7/2014
Carol L. 4/6/2014 Blessings to the Bafunno twins for their tireless support of their sweet nephew!
Tarsha W. 4/6/2014
Eric S. 4/3/2014
Roger S. 4/3/2014
Norman F. 4/3/2014
Jayne A. 4/2/2014 Wonderful young ladies to do such a caring thing.
Rebecca E. 4/1/2014 I'm a friend of Lauren's and was moved by your story. Wishing you all this best in this!
Dan B. 4/1/2014
Sal F. 3/30/2014 This is a great thing you are doing for Max. He is a great little boy.
The Frangiamore Family
Deborah B. 3/29/2014 Thoughts and prayers are with you both
David S. 3/28/2014
Jenna S. 3/27/2014
Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart 3/27/2014
Kathleen T. 3/27/2014
Daniel L. 3/27/2014
Anna V. 3/26/2014 You go girls! 3 diva snaps :)
Anonymous 3/26/2014
Theresa K. 3/26/2014
Christie G. 3/25/2014 Lauren Reached out to us! She loves him and appreciates you both very much! C&A
Eric L. 3/25/2014 Friends of Beth and Adam since college. I love you guys...
Tena C. 3/25/2014
Adam B. 3/25/2014
Neil F. 3/25/2014
Randall F. 3/24/2014
Linda C. 3/24/2014
Youngstown Kenworth, Inc. 3/24/2014
Kevin K. 3/24/2014
Jessie S. 3/23/2014 Love that little boy!!!
Amy S. 3/23/2014 Thinking of you Max! Love, Bob Amy Ella and Ava Schneider
Mandy C. 3/22/2014
Maria E. 3/22/2014
Roxanne W. 3/22/2014
Lindsay M. 3/22/2014 Happy Running Girls!!
Jessica V. 3/22/2014
Kristy B. 3/22/2014
Bradley G. 3/21/2014 Lauren reached out and I am happy to help Max. He has a great family.
Susan C. 3/21/2014
Andrew B. 3/20/2014 Lauren reached out to me about this, she is a loving and caring Aunt
Owen Z. 3/20/2014
Frank V. 3/19/2014 Good work girls. Love Grandpa
Theresa C. 3/19/2014 Thinking of sweet Max.
Kelli F. 3/19/2014
Angelo L. 3/17/2014
Tommy S. 3/17/2014
Frank S. 3/17/2014
Marilyn L. 3/17/2014
Connie T. 3/17/2014
Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart 3/17/2014
Linda P. 3/17/2014
Terry M. 3/17/2014
Roger T. 3/17/2014
Michael C. 3/10/2014 Wishing all of you the best of luck!
Valerie D. 3/9/2014
Jeffrey V. 3/8/2014
Marilyn B. 3/7/2014 We are proud of you both
Dan B. 3/1/2014
Kristen N. 2/27/2014 Marilyn Bafunno is my co-worker and she shared with me about your fundraising! Good Luck!
Thomas D. 2/24/2014
Donna A. 2/23/2014
Holly R. 2/20/2014
Dan B. 2/1/2014
Marilyn B. 1/22/2014 Donating profits from Tastefully Simple sales!
Dan B. 1/1/2014
Dan B. 12/5/2013 Thank you Michelle and Danielle
Dan B. 12/5/2013
Dan G. 12/4/2013
Marilyn B. 12/4/2013 Donating profits from Tastefully Simple sales
Support Board
4/27/2014Great Job - Love Mom & BudMom & Bud
3/26/2014So proud of you both,Max is lucky to have such a great family and so much love showered on him.Aunt Theresa & Uncle Bob
3/25/2014We are so proud of our family! We love you! Mom and DadMarilyn and Dan
3/21/2014Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-laws! And thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family for your support! It means the world!Beth
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