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50K for a Kure!
Dear Friends & Family,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in once again supporting me for my “Black Friday Ride.” During the 50K for a Kure, I rode 31 miles nonstop which took 3 ½ hours. After several weeks of training rides 3X a week (some over 20+ miles), I was relieved when the ride was finally over.

During the ride two A‐T families came by to support me which I really appreciated. When it was over I was pooped. We did manage to celebrate at one of my favorite places ‐ the Cracker Barrel.

Although I missed my fundraising goal, I still raised over $22,000. These dollars will go towards research driven by the A‐T Children’s Project. We all remain hopeful that this research will lead to a treatment or cure for myself and others afflicted with this terrible disease. Until then, I remain strong and undeterred.

Thank you once again for your support.

With gratitude,


Imagine a disease that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and cancer. Children with A-T are usually confined to wheelchairs by age 10 and often do not survive their teens. Because A-T is a multi-system disease, scientists believe that A-T research will help more prevalent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and cancer.

My Sponsors
Daniel S. 12/31/2015
Douglas K. 12/3/2015
David S. 12/1/2015
Jeffrey S. 11/26/2015
Irene P. 11/25/2015
Douglas G. 11/23/2015
Christopher S. 11/17/2015 Love it!!! Keeping the tradition alive! You are the man Jeff!
Julia G. 11/17/2015
Oracle Matching Gifts Program 4/20/2015
Bank of America Charitable Foundation 3/2/2015
Mindy B. 1/26/2015
Richard G. 12/31/2014
Greg J. 12/30/2014
David S. 12/23/2014
Richard H. 12/23/2014
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation 12/22/2014
Bank of America Charitable Foundation 12/22/2014
Robert M. 12/20/2014 I'm a little late here Jeff for your Black Friday can take a break now from peddling - Rob M.
Robert B. 12/19/2014
William R. 12/18/2014
Robert D. 12/18/2014
Karen T. 12/16/2014
Maureen M. 12/15/2014
Phillip Z. 12/14/2014
Matthew M. 12/11/2014
Cheryl S. 12/10/2014
Philip C. 12/8/2014
Mark E. 12/8/2014 Good luck Jeff. Thanks for your courageous leadership.
Mohit U. 12/6/2014
Amy L. 12/5/2014
Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign 12/5/2014
Gregory B. 12/2/2014
Robert S. 12/2/2014
Richard N. 12/1/2014
Mike K. 11/30/2014 Go Jeff!
James S. 11/30/2014
Joanna G. 11/28/2014 Jeff, you are a true inspiration. We love you soo much - Grela Family
Becki L. 11/28/2014 Go Jeff!
Mark K. 11/28/2014
Daniel W. 11/26/2014
David W. 11/26/2014
William P. 11/25/2014 Go Jeff Go. We will be cheering for you at this end.
Jo-Beth A. 11/25/2014 Best of luck to you Jeff!! You are such an inspiration!!
Douglas G. 11/24/2014
Get It Dun Foundation 11/24/2014
Lisa R. 11/24/2014 So proud of you Jeff!! I will be cheering you on & lifting you up as you ride to make a difference! Love you!!
Kevin M. 11/22/2014 Love you Jeff!! Have a wild ride! ; )
Gregg V. 11/22/2014 Good luck Jeff! Keep on riding!!
Carlynn N. 11/22/2014 Good Luck Jeff!
CarLynn Negele
TriVista 11/21/2014
David P. 11/21/2014
Alycia S. 11/21/2014 With love from California and the TriVista crew! Good luck Jeff! :-D
Susan S. 11/21/2014 "Go Jiggy Go!” from Sue Dan, Matt, Jake & Zach.
Quinn M. 11/21/2014
Lisa V. 11/21/2014
Marie G. 11/21/2014 Way to go, Jeff! Very impressive!
TranzAct Technologies, Inc. 11/19/2014
Don S. 11/18/2014 Good luck Jeff!
Kaci S. 11/18/2014
Kaci S. 11/18/2014 You got this!!!
Richard G. 11/18/2014
Sheila S. 11/18/2014 Hi Jeff! We will be rooting for you from California! We are so proud of you! The Shea Family
Steve B. 11/18/2014 Way to go, Jeff. Your determination is so inspirational.
Steven O. 11/17/2014
Douglas K. 11/17/2014
The Millard Group, Inc. 11/17/2014
Kim B. 11/15/2014
David V. 11/14/2014
Irene P. 11/13/2014 Good luck, Jeff. We'll be cheering you on!
Rob L. 11/13/2014 Jeff, I love your spirit and that you are making a difference in this world! you are an inspiration!!! Charis
Daniel S. 11/11/2014 Go Jeff!
James S. 11/10/2014 Go Jeff!
Kimberly R. 11/10/2014 So proud of you, Jeff! Wish I could be there to cheer you on, but I know you'll have a fantastic ride! Love you!
Gary O. 11/10/2014
Floyd B. 11/10/2014
Peter C. 11/9/2014
Steve C. 11/8/2014
Brian P. 11/7/2014 You rock Jeff! Good luck and Go Pack Go!
Heidi A. 11/7/2014 Jeff, It's good to see SOMEONE will be doing something productive on Black Friday! :)
Michael F. 11/6/2014
Jack J. 11/5/2014 We will be thinking of you!
Jim B. 11/5/2014 So proud of you, Jeff! You are such a blessing and inspiration to many!
Ron B. 11/5/2014
Craig C. 11/4/2014 Jeff, you rock! We love you & know you are so strong.
The Chapellos
Christopher S. 11/4/2014 Boomshakalaka
Francis J. 11/3/2014
Paul N. 11/3/2014
Brad J. 11/3/2014
Andrew T. 11/3/2014 Love you, miss you, and am so proud of you Jiggy!! -Andrew Thornton
Robert B. 11/3/2014 Jeff-we miss you here in Paradise. Go for it Kiddo! Just stay out of the sand traps.
Bob & Althea
Christian K. 11/3/2014
Scott M. 11/2/2014 Good luck Jeff! Keep up the great work!
Charles V. 11/2/2014 Go Jeff, we're with you! The Vogl's
Michael V. 11/2/2014 AMAZING JEFF! GOOD LUCK!!!
Mark C. 11/1/2014 Great job Jeff. the Chudacoffs
Don J. 10/31/2014 Go for it Jeff. We along with you pray for a cure!
Witmer & Associates 10/31/2014
Norman R. 10/31/2014 The Rifkind Family sends their deepest love and support as you continue to ride for a cure, Jeff.
Advantage Partners, Inc. 10/31/2014
Elizabeth C. 10/31/2014 Good luck Jeff! Bob and I will be cheering you on in spirit!! xo
Douglas G. 10/31/2014 Good luck Jeff!!
Bee H. 10/31/2014
Dennis C. 10/31/2014 Good Luck!
Karen S. 10/31/2014 Way to go Jeff. You continue to be an inspiration to so many people.
Jason H. 10/30/2014 All the best with your ride - tremendous goal and soon to be accomplishment. Cheers to your continued success!
David S. 10/30/2014 Best Wishes, The Steinbergs
Craig M. 10/30/2014
Jeffrey S. 10/30/2014 You are amazing Jeff!! Best of luck...The Sharfstein Family.
Sher F. 10/30/2014
KeyBank National Association 10/20/2014
Kristina P. 10/13/2014 To sponsor Jeff Kummer's 2014 Black Friday ride. Way to go, Jeff! from Lori Hall and Kris & Tony Peters
Comment Board
1/16/2016I am an adult in the USA recently diagnosed with an unusual type of ATLD,and have had a hard time finding a doctor willing to see me.I need help!Jeff,what doctors do you see? Can you post a reply here?Roger Kulp
11/10/2014Keep up the great work. You are the man, Kummer!!O'B
10/31/2014Jeff, You are truly an inspiration for all of us. Ride with pride just like last year! From a pal of your Dad's. Nikki Nikki Bondi
10/31/2014You go Jeff!! We are so proud of you-- --with you all the way.Mike & Karen Fisher
10/31/2014God Bless you are an Inspiration to many !Brenda Holfert
10/31/2014Cheering you on, Jeff! May God bless you as you ride for the cure of A-T.Gary, Shouna and Preston
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