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Exon Skipping for A-T – Funding Available

On August 25, the A-T Children’s Project sent the below email to A-T researchers about available funds for a grant to see if exon skipping would make sense as a therapeutic approach for A-T. Dear A-T Researchers, We wanted to let you know of a funding opportunity through a partnership between the University of Pennsylvania’s … Read More

Groundbreaking Study Reports Significant Milestone for A-T Research

Timothy Yu, MD, PhD and his team at Boston Children’s Hospital just published a groundbreaking study in the prestigious science journal Nature, reporting a significant milestone for A-T research. The team analyzed the whole genome sequences of 235 individuals with A-T from the Global A-T Family Data Platform, creating an algorithm to identify the specific … Read More

Giving Tuesday 2022

Dear Friends of the A-T Children’s Project, Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, and an anonymous donor has offered to match the first $50,000 in donations we receive! Please consider donating as we need your support more than ever. Why especially now? So that we can seize opportunities that have emerged from the remarkable progress we’ve seen … Read More

Until There’s a Cure, There’s Hope!

The holidays are quickly approaching and this year’s A-T Children’s Project holiday shirts are in! Purchase one for yourself and your loved ones to show what we hope for this holiday season and every season – a cure for A-T! Cotton long sleeve and short sleeve shirts are available in both adult and youth … Read More