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Oncologist with A-T Expertise to Advise Local Cancer Doctors

Dr. Richa Sharma, an oncologist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who focuses on DNA repair disorders like A-T, has become available to consult with local doctors as they plan treatments for A-T patients who have developed cancer. Approximately 30% of people with A-T develop cancer. Lymphomas and leukemias (lymphoid cancers) are by far the … Read More

Join Us in June!

Whether you golf, run, bike or shop there is an A-TCP fundraising event happening for you! It is truly INCREDIBLE for such a rare disease to have so many events happening around North America. See if any events this month are in your area. Read More

Help Accelerate A-T Research

As we head into 2022, research to find treatments for ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) is moving more swiftly than ever. Please help us maintain momentum by making a year-end donation. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital are now treating a little girl with A-T using antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) gene therapy and will soon be expanding their testing to more children. … Read More

Giving Tuesday 2021

Sent December 22, 2021 Dear Friends, Your donation helped push us over the top, maximizing the $65,000 #GivingTuesday match! It is truly amazing – that in a year filled with cancelled in-person events and struggles getting back to normal, A-T research continues because of generous donations like yours on #GivingTuesday. You should feel great that … Read More

Time to Get Your Flu Shot

Dear A-T Families, The flu season is coming, and October is the time to get the flu vaccine. Dr. Howard Lederman, Director of the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland recommends that all people with A-T receive the killed (injected) influenza (flu) vaccine every fall. Household members should also be vaccinated … Read More

Genetic Counseling Project

The A-T Children’s Project is helping to recruit for a genetic counseling capstone research project. Julia Schiller is a genetic counseling masters student at Boston University School of Medicine. We are excited that she has chosen A-T for her study because it will help raise awareness about A-T in the genetic counselor population. Please find … Read More

COVID-19 and Ataxia-Telangiectasia: Part 4

On August 12, 2021, the A-T Children’s Project hosted a special webinar on COVID-19 and Ataxia-Telangiectasia – a conversation with: Howard Lederman, MD, PhD – Pediatric Immunologist and Director of the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Jennifer Thornton – Executive Director of the A-T Children’s Project Watch Replay Now Take Covid Surveys … Read More

Large-Scale Drug Screening for A-T

Dear Friends, I hope you and your families are remaining safe as Covid continues to throw new challenges at us. While the pandemic has made funding and operating the A-T Children’s Project vastly more difficult, we’re continuing to drive forward innovative research, knowing that our kids will keep deteriorating a little bit each day until … Read More