About the A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital

In 1995, the A-T Children’s Project established and funded a multidisciplinary clinical center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland to focus solely on the evaluation and treatment of patients with ataxia telangiectasia.

This center provides a centralized clearinghouse for information about management strategies so that clinicians and researchers in the U.S. and around the world do not need to struggle with A-T in a vacuum.

The team of physicians includes specialists in immunology, neurology, pulmonology, swallowing, nutrition, physical therapy, and adaptive services. An A-T family may typically visit this center every two or three years for a one-day protocol to fully evaluate the patient’s condition. Of course, whenever an A-T patient’s condition becomes critical, the clinic can immediately use its experience with A-T to assist the home physician in designing a treatment as well.

The A-T Clinical Center is important to A-T research as well, as clinical experience always assists scientists in devising new research strategies. In addition, as potential therapies are developed, having a medical center with natural history data and an established patient base makes the implementation of clinical trials much easier.

The A-T Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital always welcomes collaborations with researchers that will move us closer to life-improving therapies and a cure for A-T. Researchers are encouraged to contact Director Howard M. Lederman, MD, PhD at hlederm1@jhmi.edu or at +1.410.955.5883.

If you are a parent or caregiver seeking more information about the A-T Clinical Center and how it may serve as a good resource for you, please visit this page.