Canadian $ Donations

Hello Friends,

We hope this message finds you well and enjoying your summer. Normally this time of year, we would be gearing up for our annual A-T Masters Golf Outing.  However, we wanted to alert you that we plan on taking a year off from the event due to issues at the golf course.

We continue to be grateful for your faithful support of this outing. The financial needs of the A-T Children’s Project continues to be as critically important as it was when we started the outing 13 years ago. In a few months, a little girl with A-T is going to be treated with a type of gene therapy – called antisense oligonucleotide, or ASO – that  has the potential to stop A-T in its tracks. This will be a historic milestone, and we are urgently working to fund this work in addition to other groundbreaking studies. If you are willing and able, make a donation in US$ below in lieu of this year’s outing, or click the Canadian $$ Donation button.

Best Regards,
Dave, Mary and Kate
Canadian $ Donations