We need your 26!

The United Kingdom has come up with a “BRILLIANT” idea for something charities can do in the midst of this terrible COVID-19 environment to ensure that fund raising for important causes continues. And a wonderful organization based in England, Action for A-T, has encouraged our global community of A-T families, volunteers, donors and friends to join in so that urgent research focused on a cure for A-T children doesn’t stop.

The UK’s “2.6 Challenge” will launch on Sunday, April 26th with the goal of encouraging people to conceive of and record on video any activity tied to the number 26 or 2.6 that could generate sponsors or donations while bringing awareness to important causes. We want people to take on this challenge for A-T!

Picking up the baton here in the U.S. and Canada, the A-T Children’s Project will join Action for A-T as well as A-T families and organizations around the world to generate as much creativity, awareness and generosity as we can. Our hope is to stand out from the crowd and to underscore both the difficulty faced by our A-T kids and the extraordinary resolve we have to improve the lives of all A-T children.

Please join us for this challenge on April 26th. Examples of activities might include:

  • Completing a 26 x 26 feet chalk drawing
  • Doing 26 push-ups
  • Giving a sibling 26 hugs
  • Reading 26 books
  • Mailing 26 letters to people you love
  • Performing 26 cartwheels
  • Planting 26 flowers
  • Baking 26 cakes
  • Running 2.6 miles
  • Learning to count to 26 in a new language
  • Walking 26 steps… 26 steps may seem simple to most people but for those living with the debilitating effects of A-T, it can be tougher than completing a marathon

Importantly, upload a video taken of your activity to as many social media platforms as you can (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn), tagging your chosen organization and using the hashtag #26steps4AT. For families in the United States, the A-T Children’s Project has created this donation page for families to post online or email to friends and family. And for Canadians participating in this challenge, we’ve created this Canadian donation page.

Your social media posts can include messages such as “One step closer to a cure,” “26 Steps can feel like a Marathon,” “Stepping up for A-T,” or “A step in the right direction” and should always include the hashtag #26steps4AT as well as tagging your chosen charity. For the USA and Canada, please tag @atchildrensproject.

Even the most physically challenged among us can participate. Children and adults with A-T can walk 26 steps (with help if required) or use their wheelchair/mobility device to cover either 2.6 or 26 yards. And seriously, you can do 26 of ANYTHING – serious or funny. Bring your creativity to it! We’re dreaming of at least one A-T supporter’s video going viral and spreading enormous awareness for our kids’ rare, obscure but devastating disease!

Beyond posting an inspiring or “can’t-take-my-eyes-away-amazing” video, once you’ve uploaded it, please challenge two or more other A-T families to get involved and to encourage their followers to share the post. This should create a chain reaction that causes numerous videos for A-T to be shared around the world.

Here’s an example of a Facebook post:

“We’re taking #26steps4AT as part of the #twopointsixchallenge to raise funds and awareness for @atchildrensproject because 26 steps can feel like a marathon for kids with A-T. Please help us take one step closer to a cure by donating or sharing this post. Thanks to @xxxxx for the nomination – I pass the baton on to: @xxxxxx & @xxxxxx. Click here to donate.”

We are looking forward to seeing how you tackle this challenge!